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Archives: Rawabi Holding Awards

2023 Winners

2023 Winners

The 2022 Rawabi Holding Awards ceremony will be held during the during the Society’s Annual Dinner in London on 23rd November. Take a look at this year’s winners.

2007 Winners

2007 Winners Rawabi Holding Awards 2007

The first awards of the Al Rawabi Holding Group prizes for outstanding contribution to Saudi-British relations took place at a ceremony held at the Travellers Club in London on the evening of 23 January.

2008 Winners

2008 Winners Rawabi Holding Awards 2008

The Rawabi Holding Award prize-giving event for 2008 was held on 23rd January 2008 at the Institute of Directors. The prizes, for making a significant contribution to promoting Saudi-British relations, were awarded by the donor, Mr. Abdulaziz al Turki (see below for his speech).

2009 Winners

2009 Winners Rawabi Holding Awards 2009

The 2009 Reception for the award of the Rawabi Holding Awards was held on 27th January 2009 at the Institute of Directors. Mr. Abdulaziz al Turki, the donor, awarded prizes and inscribed plaques to the winners, Mr. Michael Rice and Mr. William Facey.

2010 Winners

2010 Winners Rawabi Holding Awards 2010 - Prof. Nigel Heaton

The Rawabi Holding Awards were this year awarded to Col. Nigel Bromage and Prof. Nigel Heaton. The event was held on 20th January 2010, as usual combined with the Society’s Annual Dinner, at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall.

2011 Winners

2011 Winners Riyadh image

Dr. Venetia Porter, curator of Islamic art at the British Museum, has won the award for her past and future achievements in presenting Islamic art, and Saudi art in particular, to the British public. Mr. Robert Lacey’s major book published in 1981 “The Kingdom” was a revelation to the outside world of a Saudi Arabia.

2013 Winners

2013 Winners Rawabi Holding Awards 2013 - ed2

The winners of the 2013 awards, for making a significant contribution to Saudi–British relations, were The Rt. Hon. Lord Denman (awarded posthumously) and Mr. Peter Harrigan. The awards were presented, on 7th February 2013.

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