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Lecture: Robert Lacey talks about his new book, Inside the Kingdom

Event Date: 27/10/2009

Robert Lacey, author of the 1980s bestseller, The Kingdom, launched and talked about Inside the Kingdom, his latest publication. Held in the Middle East Association.

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The following review of  Inside the Kingdom’ was written by Sir Alan Munro and published in the Middle East International Magazine (MEI).

“The author has come up with a timely and worthy sequel to his first book on the subject. ‘The Kingdom’, Robert Lacey’s magisterial study of the history of Saudi Arabia and her powerful ruling dynasty, the Al Saud, has for nigh on 30 years provided a definitive introduction to one of the world’s most wealthy, yet most secretive, states. This sequel is the product of three years spent reconnecting with old haunts and contacts, and new faces too, to take stock of the process of adaptation and reform that has been gathering pace through the reigns of three Al Saud monarchs.”

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Sir Alan Munro, Honorary Vice-President of the Saudi-British Society, was a former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and is also author of ‘Arab Storm: Politics and Diplomacy Behind the Gulf War’ (see below).

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