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The Saudi British Society is proud to host a wide range of events, lectures and presentations, showcasing the rich cultural palettes of, and relationships between, the Middle East and the Western World. Delving into both macro and micro subjects, the Society’s lectures look at past, present and future, and offer unique insights into a fascinating region and a vitally important relationship.

Event date: 27/10/2009
27th October 2009: Robert Lacey, author of the 1980s bestseller, The Kingdom, launched and talked about Inside the Kingdom, his latest publication. Held in the Middle East Association.
Event date: 30/09/2009
H.E. Eng. Mubarak Al–Khafrah gave a talk entitled “The Remarkable Story of the Origins of Saudi Arabia’s Industrialisation“ at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.
Event date: 09/07/2009
The Society’s Annual General Meeting, held at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, was followed by a 1960s film of Saudi Arabia and a talk by Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki and by a buffet Reception.
Event date: 15/06/2009
Connecting Cultures’ 2009 expedition to Wadi Al–Abyad, Oman, saw a host of young ambassadors come together to promote understanding and foster new relations.
Event date: 25/03/2009
Sir William Patey, British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, gave a lecture entitled, Saudi Arabia: Continuity or Change by Sir William Patey
Event date: 11/09/2008
The Hon. Secretary, Mrs Ionis Thompson, gave a talk entitled "Tourism in Saudi Arabia Today" at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.
Event date: 02/07/2008
The Society's Annual General Meeting and Reception were held at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
Event date: 07/06/2008
2008 saw two Connecting Cultures journeys take place in Oman. The first, for 18 girls, involved 5 days in the Sharqiya Sands in early February, using camels for transportation.
Event date: 21/05/2008
The Society co-hosted a talk with the Society for Arabian Studies entitled: From Mayfair to Mecca by William Facey on the life of Lady Evelyn Cobbold, at the Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS
Event date: 12/03/2008
Saudi Women Today - a Personal View. A lecture by Dr. Samira Osailan, an oral surgeon and proud Saudi Arabian woman working at Guy’s Hospital, London.
Event date: 09/09/2007
Mr. James Barr, author of "Setting the Desert on Fire: T.E. Lawrence and Britain's Secret War in Arabia, 1916–18", gave a lecture to the Saudi British Society.
Event date: 16/06/2007
In 2007, Connecting Cultures sent a group of young people to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle.
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