Carved plaster panel, Turquoise Mountain Foundation ⁄ Artwork by Jethro Buck, student at Prince’s School for Traditional Art


31st OCTOBER 2017
The first lecture of the new Saudi British Society programme on contemporary Saudi culture was held at the Prince’s School for Traditional Arts (PSTA, 19–22 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3SG).

The Society was delighted to welcome its patron, HRH Prince Muhammad bin Nawaf Al–Saud, the Saudi Ambassador to the Court of St James and was pleased the event was well attended by people from many different institutions and professions.

Dr Khalid Azzam, Director of the PSTA, gave a moving talk on the work of the school, the beauty of its products, the philosophy behind it and its outreach across the globe.

Zain Zedan
, formerly a senior manager with ArtJameel in Jeddah, talked about her work there and her inspiring experience as an MA student at the School.

Finally, Dr Thalia Kennedy, Middle East Director of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, reviewed the TM's activities in Saudi Arabia, showed slides of the wonderful diversity of traditional Saudi art and outlined the need to encourage artisans across the Kingdom to improve and maintain the quality of their finished work for commercial sales.