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The Rawabi Holding Awards are made annually to one Saudi and one British citizen for their contribution to promoting Saudi-British relations and are generously donated by Mr. Abdulaziz al Turki. 

This year's winners were Dr Abdul Aziz al Sager and Dr Farhan Nizami CBE.

The Presentation of the 2018 Rawabi Holding Awards took place at the Society's Annual Dinner on 24th January.
The event took place at the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED.
After a drinks reception, the winners of the awards made short speeches.
Their presentations were followed by a buffet dinner.



The Rawabi Holding Awards
Rawabi Holding Awards
Mr. Abdulaziz al Turki, a leading Saudi businessman from the Eastern Province generously awards two annual prizes, the Al Rawabi Holding Awards, to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to furthering Saudi–British relations. The prizes are for £5000 each. The candidates (one of whom should be a Saudi citizen and one a British citizen, as from 2016) are chosen from a wide range of fields in which they have made a contribution, including education, literature, journalism, sport, women’s affairs, welfare and medicine, but not the field of commerce, as this is not within the remit of the Society.

The candidates are nominated in the first instance by members of the Saudi-British Society and these names are considered by a Sub–Committee of the Saudi-British Society. A short-list is drawn up, from which 2 names are selected. These are then submitted to the main Committee for their consideration and the final selection put forward to Mr. Abdulaziz al Turki for his approval. The award–giving ceremony is held each year in late January, at a Reception, which is also the Society’s annual buffet supper, at which the Saudi Ambassador to London or his representative is present.

The event is an important part of the Society’s programme for the year and the Society is grateful to Mr. al Turki for his generosity in providing the prizes and sponsoring the award–giving evening.

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